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Oxidation Potentials. Second Edition
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The Free Energy of Hydration of Gaseous Ions, and the Absolute Potential of the Normal Calomel Electrode
The free energies of hydration of the alkali and halide ions are found to agree reasonably well with the simple expression of Born (—ΔF=(1–1/D)Ne2/2re) for solution of charged spheres in a dielectricExpand
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The Entropies of Aqueous Ions
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The Heat Capacities and Entropies of Calcium and Barium Sulfates from 15 to 300°K. The Entropy and Free Energy of Sulfate Ion
The heat capacities of BaSO4 and small precipitated crystals of CaSO4–2H2O have been measured from 15 to 300°K. The heat capacity of large naturally occurring gypsum crystals was measured from 60 toExpand
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A Summary of the Entropies of Aqueous Ions
A critical survey has been made of existing data on the heats, free energies and entropies of reactions involving aqueous ions. These data lead to remarkably consistent values for the ionicExpand
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The Entropy of Aqueous Solutes
The standard partial molal entropies of monatomic ions and of non‐electrolytes in aqueous solution can be represented by the empirical expressions, for monatomic ions:S0=(3/2)R lnM+37–270Z/re2,forExpand
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