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Effectiveness and implementation costs of overland skid trail closure techniques in the Virginia Piedmont
Soil erosion is influenced by factors such as soil properties, slope, ground cover, climatic conditions, and forest management activities, including skid trails. Skid trails typically represent 2% to
Comparing sediment trap data with the USLE-forest, RUSLE2, and WEPP-road erosion models for evaluation of bladed skid trail BMPs
Three erosion models, the Universal Soil Loss Equation for Forestry (USLE-Forest), the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation Version 2 (RUSLE2), and the Water Erosion Prediction Project for Forest
Streamside Management Zones Compromised by Stream Crossings, Legacy Gullies, and Over‐Harvest in the Piedmont
Streamside management zone (SMZ) breakthroughs were identified and characterized to determine frequency and potential causes, in order to provide enhanced guidance for future water quality
Best Management Practices Influence Modeled Erosion Rates at Forest Haul Road Stream Crossings in Virginia
Forestry best management practices (BMPs) reduce sedimentation by minimizing soil erosion and trapping sediment. These practices are particularly important in relation to road construction and use