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Sertoli-Germ Cell Adherens Junction Dynamics in the Testis Are Regulated by RhoB GTPase via the ROCK/LIMK Signaling Pathway1
This report illustrates that Sertoli germ cell AJ dynamics are regulated, at least in part, via the integrin/ROCK/LIMK/cofilin signaling pathway.
Regulation of blood-testis barrier dynamics: an in vivo study
The results demonstrate for the first time that the TGF-β3/p38 MAP kinase signaling pathway is being used to regulate both TJ and AJ dynamics in the testis, mediated by the effects of T GF- β3 on TJ- and AJ-integral membrane proteins and adaptors, but not protease inhibitors.
Sertoli Cell Tight Junction Dynamics: Their Regulation During Spermatogenesis1
This minireview summarizes some of the recent advances in the study of TJ dynamics in the testis and reviews several models that can be used to study TJ dynamics and highlights specific areas for future research toward understanding the precise physiological relationship between junction dynamics and spermatogenesis.
Bioactive compounds and bioactivities of germinated edible seeds and sprouts: An updated review
Germination can be a green food engineering method to accumulate natural bioactive compounds, and those germinated edible seeds and sprouts rich in naturalBioactive compounds can be consumed as functional foods to prevent chronic diseases.
Transforming Growth Factor-β3 Perturbs the Inter-Sertoli Tight Junction Permeability Barrier in Vitro Possibly Mediated via Its Effects on Occludin, Zonula Occludens-1, and Claudin-11.
This study sought to investigate whether cytokines are involved in the inter-Sertoli TJ assembly in vitro and found that they are involved.
Regulation of cell junction dynamics by cytokines in the testis: a molecular and biochemical perspective.
  • W. Lui, C. Cheng
  • Biology, Medicine
    Cytokine & growth factor reviews
  • 1 June 2007
The adult rat or mouse testis is used as a model to highlight the significance of transcriptional and translational regulation of cytokines in regulating junction restructuring events in epithelia from a molecular and biochemical perspective.
AF-2364 [1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carbohydrazide] is a potential male contraceptive: a review of recent data.
This review provides an update on the efficacy results of using different treatment regimens in adult rats where AF-2364 was administered by gavage vs. intraperitoneal and intramuscular administration and indicates that AF- 2364 is indeed a reversible male contraceptive.
cAMP perturbs inter‐sertoli tight junction permeability barrier in vitro via its effect on proteasome‐sensitive ubiquitination of occludin
The results reported herein support the notion that db‐cAMP‐induced TJ disruption was mediated by an induction of Itch protein expression, which in turn triggered the ubiquitination of occludin resulting in TJ disruption.
Interactions among IQGAP1, Cdc42, and the cadherin/catenin protein complex regulate Sertoli‐germ cell adherens junction dynamics in the testis
The intricate interactions between Cdc42 (a Rho family protein of Mr ∼23 kDa originally identified in membranes of human platelets and placenta, and is the homolog of CDC42Sc, which is known to regulate of bud‐site assembly in Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and its effector, IQ motif containing GTPase activating protein, regulate Sertoli‐germ cell, but not SERToli‐Sertoli cell, AJ dynamics.
Dynamic changes in phytochemical composition and antioxidant capacity in green and black mung bean (Vigna radiata) sprouts
Summary The mung bean (Vigna radiata) sprout is a popular fresh vegetable in many parts of the world. In this study, the dynamic change of ascorbic acid, phenolic composition and antioxidant