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Influence of inoculum on performance of anaerobic reactors for treating municipal solid waste.
The influence of bovine rumen fluid inoculum during anaerobic treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW) was studied in this work. The parameters adopted for evaluation were theExpand
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Surface water disinfection by chlorination and advanced oxidation processes: Inactivation of an antibiotic resistant E. coli strain and cytotoxicity evaluation.
The release of antibiotics into the environment can result in antibiotic resistance (AR) spread, which in turn can seriously affect human health. Antibiotic resistant bacteria have been detected inExpand
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The removal of ammonia from sanitary landfill leachate using a series of shallow waste stabilization ponds.
This study evaluated the efficiency of a shallow (0.5 m deep) waste stabilization pond series to remove high concentrations of ammonia from sanitary landfill leachate. The pond system was located atExpand
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Tratamento anaeróbio de resíduos orgânicos com baixa concentração de sólidos
The process of anaerobic digestion of organic solid wastes with low concentration of solids is accomplished with substratum containing on average about 5% (percentage in weight) of total solids. TheExpand
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Predictive ecotoxicity of MoA 1 of organic chemicals using in silico approaches.
Persistent organic products are compounds used for various purposes, such as personal care products, surfactants, colorants, industrial additives, food, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. TheseExpand
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Waste stabilization ponds are a well established wastewater treatment system being considered by World Health Organization as one of the most appropriated technology for domestic wastewater whenExpand
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Dessorção de nitrogênio amoniacal de lixiviado de aterro sanitário em torres de recheio
Sanitary landfill leachates present high concentrations of carbonaceous and nitrogenous materials. The crucial point is that carbonaceous materials are of difficult biodegradation, what compromisesExpand
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Recovery of elemental sulphur from anaerobic effluents through the biological oxidation of sulphides
ABSTRACT The aim of the present study was to evaluate the biological oxidation of sulphide in two different UASB reactors by assessing the occurrence of oxidized forms of sulphur in the effluents andExpand
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Predictive Computational Tools for Assessment of Ecotoxicological Activity of Organic Micropollutants in Various Water Sources in Brazil
The increase of chemical pollutants detected in different aquatic environments over the past few years has been in the focus of several studies related to their occurrence, transport, fate, andExpand
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Ammoniacal Nitrogen Stripping From Landfill Leachate at Open Horizontal Flow Reactors.
  The ammonia nitrogen stripping process at open horizontal flow reactors was evaluated and is described in this paper. The ammonia came from landfill leachate. Superficial loads of 650Expand
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