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Fengycin--a novel antifungal lipopeptide antibiotic produced by Bacillus subtilis F-29-3.
Fengycin is an antifungal lipopeptide complex produced by Bacillus subtilis strain F-29-3. It inhibits filamentous fungi but is ineffective against yeast and bacteria. The inhibition is antagonized
Rhizocticin A, an antifungal phosphono-oligopeptide of Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633: biological properties
Rhizocticin A, the main component of the antifungal, hydrophilic phosphono-oligopeptides of Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633, was used for sensitivity testing and experiments into the molecular mechanism
Antifungal effects of bacilysin and fengymycin from Bacillus subtilis F-29-3. A comparison with activities of other Bacillus antibiotics
Bacilysin production, formerly known for a few strains only, could be demonstrated for all 12 wild-type cultures of Bacillus subtilis tested during this study, and fengymycin, a complex of closely related lipopeptide components, shows antibiotic activity against filamentous fungi.
Ophiocordin, an antifungal antibiotic of Cordyceps ophioglossoides
An unknown antibiotic, ophiocordin, was isolated from submerged cultures of Cordyceps ophioglossoides and could be demonstrated for a small number of fungi belonging to different taxonomic groups and antagonized by ammonia and nitrate ions and by certain amino acids.
Epidermomyces gen. nov. statt Epidermophyton Sab. nom. illegit./Epidermomyces gen. nov. replacing Epidermophyton Sab. nom. illegit
Der gültige Gattungsname Epidermophyton Mégnin 1881, Typus E. gallinae MégnIn, wurde seit Jahrzehnten nicht mehr benutzt and gilt heute als Synonym zu Microsporum Gruby 1843.
Rhizocticins — New phosphono-oligopeptides with antifungal activity
The widely used and well-known bacterial strain Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 was found to produce two novel, antifungal hydrophilic peptide antibiotics, L-arginyl-L-2-amino-5-phosphono-3-cis-pentenoic