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Effects of temperature and light intensity on asexual reproduction of the scyphozoan, Aurelia aurita (L.) in Taiwan
Jellyfish blooms cause problems worldwide, and they may increase with global warming, water pollution, and over fishing. Benthic polyps (scyphistomae) asexually produce buds and small jellyfishExpand
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Procedure to Calibrate and Verify Numerical Models of Estuarine Hydrodynamics
In most hydrodynamic models, friction and turbulent diffusion/dispersion coefficients are the important calibration parameters affecting the calculation of surface elevation, velocity, and salinityExpand
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CATALASE2 Coordinates SA-Mediated Repression of Both Auxin Accumulation and JA Biosynthesis in Plant Defenses.
Plants defend against pathogen attack by modulating auxin signaling and activating the salicylic acid (SA) and jasmonic acid (JA) signaling pathways. SA and JA act antagonistically in resistance toExpand
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Copper regulates primary root elongation through PIN1-mediated auxin redistribution.
The heavy metal copper (Cu) is an essential microelement required for normal plant growth and development, but it inhibits primary root growth when in excess. The mechanism underlying how excess CuExpand
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Ethylene Inhibits Root Elongation during Alkaline Stress through AUXIN1 and Associated Changes in Auxin Accumulation1
Ethylene promotes auxin transporter expression and auxin biosynthesis to modulate root elongation during alkaline stress. Soil alkalinity causes major reductions in yield and quality of cropsExpand
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Modeling the influence of river discharge on salt intrusion and residual circulation in Danshuei River estuary, Taiwan
Abstract A 3-D, time-dependent, baroclinic, hydrodynamic and salinity model was implemented and applied to the Danshuei River estuarine system and the adjacent coastal sea in Taiwan. The modelExpand
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Effects of semidiurnal tidal circulation on the distribution of holo- and meroplankton in a subtropical estuary
We examined how tidal changes and which physical factors affected holo- and meroplankton assemblages in a subtropical estuary in Taiwan in February 1999. A factor analysis showed that during tidalExpand
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Low temperature inhibits root growth by reducing auxin accumulation via ARR1/12.
Plants exhibit reduced root growth when exposed to low temperature; however, how low temperature modulates root growth remains to be understood. Our study demonstrated that low temperature reducesExpand
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Artificial neural network modeling of dissolved oxygen in reservoir
  • W. Chen, W. Liu
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
  • 1 February 2014
The water quality of reservoirs is one of the key factors in the operation and water quality management of reservoirs. Dissolved oxygen (DO) in water column is essential for microorganisms and aExpand
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Water Quality Modeling in Reservoirs Using Multivariate Linear Regression and Two Neural Network Models
  • W. Chen, W. Liu
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Adv. Artif. Neural Syst.
  • 2015
In this study, two artificial neural network models (i.e., a radial basis function neural network, RBFN, and an adaptive neurofuzzy inference system approach, ANFIS) and a multilinear regression (MLR) model were developed to simulate the DO, TP, Chl a, and SD in the Mingder Reservoir of central Taiwan. Expand
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