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PVFS: A Parallel File System for Linux Clusters
We have developed a parallel file system for Linux clusters, called the Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS) that can potentially fill this void. Expand
An Overview of the Parallel Virtual File System
OrangeFS : Advancing PVFS
PVFS [6] is a frequently used high performance, parallel file system that was developed to meet research and high performance data transfer needs. The resources to develop PVFS into a productionExpand
Characterization of Bandwidth-Aware Meta-Schedulers for Co-Allocating Jobs Across Multiple Clusters
In this paper, we present a bandwidth-centric job communication model that captures the interaction and impact of simultaneously co-allocating jobs across multiple clusters. Expand
A re-evaluation of the practicality of floating-point operations on FPGAs
The use of reconfigurable hardware to perform high precision operations such as IEEE floating point operations has been limited in the past by FPGA resources. Expand
Implementation and performance of a parallel file system for high performance distributed applications
  • W. Ligon, R. Ross
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 5th IEEE International Symposium…
  • 6 August 1996
We present the Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS), a system that provides disk striping across multiple nodes in a distributed parallel computer and file partitioning among tasks in a parallel program. Expand
Bandwidth-aware co-allocating meta-schedulers for mini-grid architectures
We present several bandwidth-aware co-allocating meta-schedulers that take into account inter-cluster network utilization as a means by which to mitigate contention in the network infrastructure of a dedicated computational grid. Expand
Scalable Distributed Directory Implementation on Orange File System
In Orange File System, large data files are striped across multiple servers to provide highly concurrent access, however, contents of large directories are only stored in a single server, which isExpand
Achieving scalability in parallel file systems
In this work we present the techniques of intelligent servers and collective communication for parallel I/O for parallel file system scalability. Expand
A study of client-based caching for parallel i/o
The trend in parallel computing toward large-scale cluster computers running thousands of cooperating processes per application has led to an I/O bottleneck that has only gotten worse as the number of processing cores per CPU has increased. Expand