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Genetic predisposition to papillary thyroid carcinoma: involvement of FOXE1, TSHR, and a novel lincRNA gene, PTCSC2.
A novel long intergenic noncoding RNA gene is found in the 9q22 locus of papillary thyroid cancer susceptibility candidate 2 and a role for PTCSC2, FOXE1, and TSHR in the predisposition to PTC is suggested. Expand
Cumulative risk impact of five genetic variants associated with papillary thyroid carcinoma.
As the genetic risk score increases, the risk of having PTC increases, however, the predictive power of the cumulative effect of these five variants is only moderately high and clinical use may not be feasible until more variants are detected. Expand
MicroRNA signature in thyroid fine needle aspiration cytology applied to "atypia of undetermined significance" cases.
It is demonstrated that miR amplification from FNA samples is feasible and that the particular four miR profile in this study can identify PTCs. Expand
Effects of depression, diabetes distress, diabetes self-efficacy, and diabetes self-management on glycemic control among Chinese population with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Glycemic control among Chinese population with T2DM was suboptimal and future interventions should focus on decreasing depressive symptoms and diabetes distress levels to improve diabetes self-efficacy and self-management practices and, ultimately, reach the optimal goal of glycemic control. Expand
Effects of variation in retinol binding protein 4 gene and adipose specific expression of gestational diabetes in Beijing, China.
This finding suggests that impaired insulin sensitivity has an early onset in mild gestational intolerance and is associated with GDM. Expand
Microaneurysms segmentation with a U-Net based on recurrent residual convolutional neural network
An architecture for U-Net, named deep recurrent U- Net (DRU-Net), obtained by combining the deep residual model and recurrent convolutional operations into U- net is proposed, which can accumulate effective features much better than the typical U-nets in the MA segmentation task. Expand
SRGAP1 is a candidate gene for papillary thyroid carcinoma susceptibility.
The findings suggest that SRGAP1 is a candidate gene in PTC susceptibility, and is likely a low-penetrant gene, possibly of a modifier type. Expand
Peroral endoscopic myotomy compared with pneumatic dilation for newly diagnosed achalasia
In the intermediate term, the remission rate of symptoms associated with POEM therapy was better than that with PD for newly diagnosed achalasia, especially in patients with type III achalAS, and the short-term outcomes of the two therapies were similar. Expand
Recovery of carbon and cryolite from spent pot lining of aluminium reduction cells by chemical leaching
Abstract A two-step alkaline-acidic leaching process was conducted to separate the cryolite from spent pot lining and to purify the carbon. The influencing factors of temperature, time, and the ratioExpand
Recent Advances in Equalization Technologies for Short-Reach Optical Links Based on PAM4 Modulation: A Review
In recent years, short-reach optical links have attracted much more attention and have come to constitute a key market segment due to the rapid development of data-center applications and cloudExpand