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General laws of biological invasion based on the sampling of invasive plants in China and the United States
An analysis of the invasive species in China and the USA indicated that they are mainly derived from continents with climates similar to that of the invaded area or at latitudes within the same range.
scMAGeCK links genotypes with multiple phenotypes in single-cell CRISPR screens
We present scMAGeCK, a computational framework to identify genomic elements associated with multiple expression-based phenotypes in CRISPR/Cas9 functional screening that uses single-cell RNA-seq as
Two new species of Amphinemura (Plecoptera: Nemouridae) from Sichuan, China
The species of the genus Amphinemura from Sichuan are keyed. Two new species, Amphinemura cestroidea sp. n. and Amphinemura ovalis sp. n. , are described. Their relationships with related species are
Efficient Teaching Model of Participatory Constructing in Plant Protection Teaching
This paper analyzes the disadvantage of traditional teaching used in the major of plant protection teaching, to build a participatory teaching model. Participatory teaching attracted growing concern
Research on PLC Information Model Based on UML Class Diagram