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Guidance of intracoronary radiation therapy based on dose-volume histograms derived from quantitative intravascular ultrasound
The authors present a new modality of dosimetry based on a method that three-dimensional (3-D) image reconstruction of electrocardiogram (ECG)-gated intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) images for optimal dose prescription in vascular interventional radiation therapy. Expand
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Blood velocity estimation with high frequency intravascular ultrasound
When a cluster of randomly distributed blood particles moves across the ultrasound beam, the received echo signals decorrelate as a function of time. This phenomenon may be used to estimate the flowExpand
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Jet-cooled infrared absorption spectrum of the v4 fundamental band of HCOOH and HCOOD
Abstract The jet-cooled absorption spectrum of the v4 fundamental band of normal formic acid (HCOOH) and deuterated formic acid (HCOOD) was recorded in the frequency range of 1370–1392 cm−1 withExpand
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In vivo validation of blood flow estimation using the decorrelation of radiofrequency intravascular echo signals
A method for flow estimation from the decorrelation properties of radio frequency intravascular ultrasound signals from blood. Expand
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Temporal correlation of blood scattering signals from intravascular ultrasound
The time-varying characteristics of blood scattering on high frequency intravascular ultrasound were investigated in vivo in 5 pig experiments. The RF correlation time T/sub c/ was measured on anExpand
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Intravascular power flow imaging: theory and potentials for planimetry
The authors present a novel power-mode method of intravascular ultrasound blood flow imaging with in vitro and in vivo results. The normalized power of echo signals after stationary echo subtractionExpand
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Quantification of blood volume flow by decorrelation analysis of radio-frequency intravascular echo signals
This paper presents a novel method for measuring local blood velocity and quantifying volume flow directly from cross-sectional intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) using a conventional IVUS catheter.Expand
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Lumen enhancement and flow estimation by temporal correlation of radio frequency intravascular ultrasound
This study was designed to investigate the time varying characteristics of blood scattering on high frequency intravascular ultrasound in vivo from pig experiments. Expand
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Decorrelation of intravascular ultrasound signals: a computer simulation study
A computer model based on the impulse response method to simulate the ultrasound field of a 30 MHz transducer was developed for studying the decorrelation properties of echo signals from anExpand
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Hypoechoic media: a landmark for intravascular ultrasonic imaging
This paper describes the in vitro (40 MHz) and in vivo (30 MHz) results of studies performed on human vessels using a mechanically rotated single element ultrasonic imaging system. The in vitroExpand