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A Multi-Band/UWB MIMO/Diversity Antenna with an Enhanced Isolation Using Radial Stub Loaded Resonator
─ In this paper a multi-band/UltraWideband (UWB) Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna, which is composed of two identical microstrip fed triple notch band UWB antennas and a Radial StubExpand
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Admissibility analysis for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy singular systems with time delay
The issue of admissibility analysis for Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy singular system with time delay is investigated in this paper. By adopting a novel tighter integral inequality, a sufficientExpand
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Dissipativity analysis for discrete singular systems with time-varying delay.
In this paper, the issue of dissipativity analysis for discrete singular systems with time-varying delay is investigated. By using a recently developed inequality, which is less conservative than theExpand
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A printed diversity Cantor set fractal antenna for ultra wideband communication applications
In this paper, a printed diversity Cantor set fractal antenna for ultra wideband (UWB) applications is proposed. The antenna consists of two identical wide slot antennas and the radiation patches areExpand
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A new energy-conserved S-FDTD scheme for Maxwell's equations in metamaterials
In this paper, we develop a new energy-conserved S-FDTD scheme for the Maxwell’s equations in metamaterials. We first derive out the new property of energy conservation of the governing equations inExpand
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A Survey of Planar Ultra-Wideband Antenna Designs and Their Applications
1 Abstract— Recently, ultra-wideband (UWB) technology has attracted much attention both in the industry and academia due to its low cost, potential to handle high data rate and relatively low powerExpand
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Cantor set fractal antennas for switchable ultra wideband communication applications
Two Cantor set fractal antennas with switchable and notched band characteristics for ultra wideband (UWB) applications have been investigated in this paper. The notch functions are achieved using aExpand
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Research on the Radiation Characteristics of Leaky Coaxial Cable and Spiral Antenna in the Blind Zone
As an instrument to realize mobile communication in the blind zone, leaky coaxial cable (LCX) is recently widely used in communication systems of tunnels, mines, subways and so on. In this paper,Expand
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An improved null broadening beamforming method based on covariance matrix reconstruction
  • W. Li, B. Yang
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  • 1 March 2017
The performance of adaptive beamformer will degrade in the case of jammer motion and shaking platform. In order to improve the performance of adaptive beamformer, an improved null broadening adaptiveExpand
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Adaptive Antenna Null Broadening Beamforming against Array Calibration Error Based on Adaptive Variable Diagonal Loading
An approach for null broadening beamforming is proposed based on adaptive variable diagonal loading (VDL) and combined with the covariance matrix taper (CMT) approach, aiming at improving theExpand
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