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Protein anabolism of organs and tissues during pregnancy and lactation
The total protein and organ protein content of pregnant and lactating rats was measured in the hope that further information might be obtained as to the role of the liver in protein metabolism, but the principal incentive was the fact that gestation and lactation provide an opportunity to observe the effect of a drastic alteration in the conditions under which the processes of protein metabolism are ordinarily conducted. Expand
  • T. Addis, W. Lew
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of experimental medicine
  • 29 February 1940
The rate of restoration of renal, ovarian, testicular, and suprarenal tissue after removal of half of these organs is at first very rapid, but quickly decelerates and at about 40 days after the removal there is a complete cessation of growth. Expand
Treatment of nephrosis with pituitary adrenocorticotrophin.
A continuous series of measurements has been made during treatment of nephrosis with ACTH to visualize the timing of some changes in renal and adrenal function, together with the shifts in fluids, electrolytes, and proteins. Expand
An improved bioassay method for thyrotropic hormone using thyroid uptake of radiophosphorus.
Modifications in the radiophosphorus uptake methods are described which increase the accuracy and sensitivity of the assay and decrease the work required. Expand
The arginine-6- 14 C ( 14 C-bicarbonate) method of measuring plasma protein synthetic rate and its simplification
Figure 8.1 introduces the subject of this paper which is how to simplify and make more generally usable the 14C-bicarbonate method of measuring synthetic rate of plasma proteins synthesised by theExpand