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The adaptive significance of diel vertical migrations
Many taxa of both marine and freshwater zooplankton perform diel vertical migrations with amplitudes from a few to 100 metres (Hutchinson, 1967). The 'normal' pattern is an evening ascent and aExpand
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Chemical induction of colony formation in a green alga (Scenedesmus acutus) by grazers (Daphnia)
The green alga, Scenedesmus acutus, grows in culture in unicellular form, but it forms colonies (coenobia) when exposed for 48 h to a chemical released by the grazer Daphnia magna. The colony-formingExpand
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Measurement of the carbon balance in Daphnia
Short term measures of assimilation and respiration rates of four species of Daphnia consistently lead to the prediction that the relation between body mass and net carbon intake, F(B),should beExpand
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Phytoplankton control by grazing zooplankton: A study on the spring clear‐water phase1
We tested the hypothesis that a clear-water period, regularly observed in many meso- and eutrophic lakes, is caused by grazing herbivorous zooplankton. Such a clear-water phase occurs during mid-MayExpand
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A field study on the dependence of the fecundity of Daphnia spec. on food concentration
SummaryThe dependency of the fecundity of Daphnia spec. on the food concentration was studied in Lake Constance. To eliminate the influence of temperature the number of eggs per adult female wasExpand
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Carbon:phosphorus stoichiometry and food chain production.
Incident light was manipulated in large plankton towers containing algae, microbes, and herbivores. Paradoxically, food chain production was lower with greater light energy input. This apparentExpand
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Daphnia: Development of a Model Organism in Ecology and Evolution
Few freshwater organisms are better recognised by aquatic biologists, or are more symbolically representative of freshwater habitats, than the cladoceran, Daphnia. Several species share the similarExpand
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