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The social stratification of English in New York City
Part I. Problems and Methods of Analysis: 1. The study of language in its social context 2. First approach to the structure of New York City English 3. The social stratification of English in NewExpand
Language in the Inner City: Studies in the Black English Vernacular.@@@Sociolinguistic Patterns.
Figures Tables Introduction PART I- THE STRUCTURE OF THE BLACK ENGLISH VERNACULAR 1- Some Sources of Reading Problems for Speakers of the Black English Vernacular 2- Is the Black English Vernacular aExpand
The social motivation of a sound change
graphyand settlementhistory of Texas.His inclusionof pejorativeracial terms is a very valuable contribution. His discussion of dialect mixture, obsolescenceand replacement, shows a very keen concernExpand
The intersection of sex and social class in the course of linguistic change
Two general principles of sexual differentiation emerge from previous sociolinguistic studies: that men use a higher frequency of nonstandard forms than women in stable situations, and that women areExpand
Transmission and Diffusion
The transmission of linguistic change within a speech community is characterized by incrementation within a faithfully reproduced pattern characteristic of the family tree model, while diffusionExpand
Some principles of linguistic methodology
Observations of the vernacular provide the most systematic basis for linguistic theory, but have been the most difficult kinds of data for linguists to obtain; techniques for solving the problems encountered are outlined. Expand