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Investigations on the sheathed bacteriumHaliscomenobacter hydrossis gen.n., sp.n., isolated from activated sludge
The morphological and physiological properties of a recently isolated, thin, sheathed bacterium are described. The observations demonstrate that this bacterium differs from the known sheathedExpand
Bacteriology of activated sludge, in particular the filamentous bacteria
Microscopic examination of bulking activated sludge samples showed the presence of a variety of filamentous microorganisms, some of which have not yet been described in the literature. A method wasExpand
The effect of molybdenum and nitrogen deficiencies on nitrate reduction in plant tissues
The mechanism of nitrate reduction in fungi and higher plants has been cleared up by Nason and E v a n s 3 8 and Nicholas and Nason 1 1 . In experiments with purified cell-free extracts they foundExpand
Investigations on theSphaerotilus-Leptothrix group
Thirty-fourSphaerotilus andLeptothrix strains were isolated from sewage, activated sludge and iron-containing ditch- and well-water, and their morphological and physiological characters studied. TheExpand
DNA base composition of some sheathed bacteria
The DNA base composition of five recently isolated Haliscomenobacter hydrossis strains were compared with those of Sphaerotilus natans, Leptothrix cholodnii and Leptothrix discophora. The DNA baseExpand
Some growth parameters of haliscomenobacter hydrossis (syn. streptothrix hyalina) a bacterium occurring in bulking activated sludge
Abstract A study has been made of the kinetics of two strains of the sheath-forming bacterium Halisco menobacter hydrossis (syn. Streptothrix hyalina ) by growing the bacteria axenically inExpand
Effect of pH and organic compounds on nitrogen fixation by red clover
Symbiotic nitrogen fixation by leguminous plants depends on a number of different factors viz a) presence of cells of an effective Rhizobium strain in the culture medium, b) increase in numbers ofExpand
The influence of carbon dioxide on symbiotic nitrogen fixation
In a previous investigation 12 it was found that the roots of red-clover plants growing on acid sandy soils developed nodules only poorly or not at all. Treatment of the soll with calcium carbonateExpand
Molybdenum in symbiotic nitrogen fixation and in nitrate assimilation
The essentiality of molybdenum as a catalyst in nitrogen fixation by free-living micro-organisms has been demonstrated by several workers v 9 10 13 16 22 following the discovery by B o r t e l s 8 inExpand
Polysaccharides, lipids and poly-β-hydroxybutyrate in microorganisms
The occurrence, formation and utilization of polysaccharides, lipids and poly-β-hydroxybutyrate in micro-organisms have been investigated. Bacteria belonging to the genus Arthrobacter were found toExpand