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II.— Aeolipiles as Fire-blowers
An aeolipile is a device whose essential feature is that vapour confined in it under pressure can issue from it only through a small aperture. Although the Oxford English Dictionary agrees with theExpand
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Indeterminability and Confusion as Apotropaic Elements in Italy and in Spain
SIR JAMES FRAZER, in his Folk-Lore in the Old Testament, devotes a chapter1 to " The Sin of a Census," taking as his text the report, in II Samuel xxiv and in I Chronicles xxi, of David's numberingExpand
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English Alabaster Tables of about the Third Quarter of the Fourteenth Century
UNTIL 1910, when the Society of Antiquaries of London held an exhibition of mediaeval English alabaster carvings, comparatively little attention had been directed to either the relative dating ofExpand
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Concerning a Questionable Identification of Mediaeval Catalan Champlevéa Enamels
So potentially harmful, in the history of art, may be the consequences of an ascription, insufficiently warranted, to some determinate locality of a group of objects presumed to have in commonExpand
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