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Minimum-energy asynchronous dissemination to mobile sinks in wireless sensor networks
We propose SEAD, a Scalable Energy-efficient Asynchronous Dissemination protocol, to minimize energy consumption in both building the dissemination tree and disseminating data to mobile sinks. Expand
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Throughput and energy consumption analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 slotted CSMA/CA
A new analytic model of the IEEE 802.15.4 slotted CSMA/CA is proposed, from which throughput and energy consumption are computed in saturation conditions. The analytic results are validated via ns-2Expand
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Receding Horizon Control: Model Predictive Control for State Models
Optimal Controls on Finite and Infinite Horizons: A Review.- State Feedback Receding Horizon Controls.- Receding Horizon Filters.- Output Feedback Receding Horizon Controls.- Constrained RecedingExpand
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A scheduling method for network-based control systems
This paper presents a scheduling method for network-based control systems with three types of data (periodic data, sporadic data, and messages). Expand
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Maximum allowable delay bounds of networked control systems
This paper proposes a new method to obtain a maximum allowable delay bound for a scheduling of networked control systems. Expand
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Delay-dependent robust stabilization of uncertain state-delayed systems
This paper concerns a problem of robust stabilization of uncertain state-delayed systems. A new delay-dependent stabilization condition using a memoryless controller is formulated in terms of matrixExpand
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Delay-dependent robust Hinfinity control for uncertain systems with a state-delay
A delay-dependent bounded real lemma for systems with a state-delay is presented in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). Expand
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Mutual interference analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11b
We evaluate the effect of mutual interference on the performance of IEEE 802 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11b systems. Expand
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Packet Error Rate Analysis of IEEE 802.11b under IEEE 802.15.4 Interference
This paper presents an interference model of IEEE 802.11b under the interference of the IEEE 802 802.15.4 wireless personal area network (WPAN). Expand
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Packet Error Rate Analysis of ZigBee Under WLAN and Bluetooth Interferences
In this paper, the performance of IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee under the interference of WLAN and Bluetooth is analyzed. Expand
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