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Impacts of orbital forcing and atmospheric carbon dioxide on Miocene ice-sheet expansion
The processes causing the middle Miocene global cooling, which marked the Earth's final transition into an ‘icehouse’ climate about 13.9 million years ago (Myr ago), remain enigmatic. TectonicallyExpand
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Orbitally-paced climate evolution during the middle Miocene “Monterey” carbon-isotope excursion
One of the most enigmatic features of Cenozoic long-term climate evolution is the long-lasting positive carbon-isotope excursion or "Monterey Excursion", which started during a period of globalExpand
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Neogene History of the Indonesian Throughflow
The Indonesian Throughflow acts as a major switchboard in the global thermohaline circulation, and its variability is strongly related to tropical climate dynamics on shorter and longer timescales.Expand
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Middle Miocene climate cooling linked to intensification of eastern equatorial Pacific upwelling
During the Middle Miocene, Earth's climate transitioned from a relatively warm phase (Miocene climatic optimum) to a colder mode with reestablishment of permanent ice sheets on Antarctica, thusExpand
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Changes in the thermocline structure of the Indonesian outflow during Terminations I and II
We present centennial records of sea surface and upper thermocline temperatures in Core MD01-2378 from the Timor Sea, which provide new insights into the variability of the Indonesian outflow acrossExpand
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Cyclicity of Cenomanian-Turonian organic-carbon-rich sedimentation in the Tarfaya coastal basin (Morocco)
Abstract Density logs from six completely cored and logged exploration wells across the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary in the Tarfaya Basin (Morocco) reveal cyclic sedimentation patterns of differentExpand
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Middle to late Miocene stepwise climate cooling: Evidence from a high-resolution deep water isotope curve spanning 8 million years
[1] We present high-resolution (2–3 kyr) benthic foraminiferal stable isotopes in a continuous, well-preserved sedimentary archive from the West Pacific Ocean (Ocean Drilling Program Site 1146),Expand
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Black shale deposition on the northwest African Shelf during the Cenomanian/Turonian oceanic anoxic event: Climate coupling and global organic carbon burial
High-resolution geochemical records from a depth transect through the Cenomanian/Turonian (C/T) Tarfaya Basin (northwest African Shelf) reveal high-amplitude fluctuations in accumulation rates ofExpand
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Fundamental Modes and Abrupt Changes in North Atlantic Circulation and Climate over the last 60 ky - Concepts, Reconstruction and Numerical Modeling
Centennial- to millennial-scale changes in global climate over the last 60 ky were first documented in ice cores from Greenland, with ice sheets around the North Atlantic and its thermohalineExpand
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