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Low cost fluorescence detection using a CCD array and image processing for on-chip gel electrophoresis
Abstract The most commonly applied method of fluorescence detection for on-chip gel electrophoresis is finish line detection in epifluorescence configuration using highly sensitive photodiode or aExpand
Preliminary studies on LTCC based PCR microreactor
Abstract The article presents preliminary investigation on the LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) chip with an integrated optical element. The structure is dedicated for DNA (deoxyribonucleicExpand
Inkjet 3D Printing – Studies on Applicability for Lab-on-a-chip Technique
Abstract Three-dimensional (3D) printing has the potential to transform science and technology by creating bespoke, low-cost appliances that previously required dedicated facilities in order to beExpand
3D Printed Electrophoretic Lab-on-chip for DNA Separation
Abstract In this paper we present for the first time inkjet 3D printed lab-on-a-chip for DNA analyse by on-chip gel electrophoresis. Separation of 50÷800 bp DNA ladder was successfully performed.Expand
Optical Properties and Real Application of New Photoimageable Bonding Adhesives
Abstract A new type of negative-tone photoresists devoted to permanent sealing of micromechanical structures have been developed recently. These photoimageable bonding adhesives provide superiorExpand
Inkjet 3D printed modular microfluidic chips for on-chip gel electrophoresis
Concept of modular microfluidics combined with fabrication of the modules by 3D printing is an alternative to traditional monolithic form of the chips and microfabrication techniques of microfluidicExpand
Study of the behavior of Euglena viridis, Euglena gracilis and Lepadella patella cultured in all-glass microaquarium
The experiments confirmed that the developed chip is a tool that fits the requirements for the culturing and behavioral studies of microorganisms and constitute ground-works to propel its further application in broadly defined cellular study field. Expand
Inkjet 3D printed chip for capillary gel electrophoresis
Abstract This paper presents for the first time the use of an inkjet 3D printing to develop a chip for capillary gel electrophoresis. The designing of the chip is preceded by investigations intoExpand
MEMS cytometer for porcine oocyte deformation measurement
Mechanical properties of cells are indicators of biological potential, quality and presumptive pathological status. Mammalian oocytes are particularly important cells from the point of view ofExpand
Rapid detection of highly pathogenic A(H7N7) avian influenza virus genetic markers in heterogenic samples utilizing on-chip SSCP-CE method
A microchip device for rapid mutation-based detection of low and highly pathogenic strains of avian influenza virus in heterogenic samples utilizing ultrasensitive Single Strand Conformation Polymorphism (SSCP) method combined with Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) and lab-on-a-chip technique is presented. Expand