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Heat shock proteins and other components of cellular machinery for protein synthesis are up‐regulated in vascular endothelial cell growth factor‐activated human endothelial cells
Proteome analysis of human umbilical endothelial cells was performed to identify proteins that are modified during vascular endothelial cell growth factor (VEGF)‐induced transition from the quiescentExpand
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Platelet membrane lipid fluidity and intraplatelet calcium mobilization in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to relate the impairments in calcium mobilization and/or release to the altered membrane dynamics in platelets from patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.Expand
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Expression of Integrins and Adhesive Properties of Human Endothelial Cell Line EA.hy 926.
Immortalized endothelial cell lines are very often used as a model of endothelium for studies of various processes connected with its functions. Among the hybrid cells, the EA.hy 926 cell line,Expand
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Corpora amylacea from multiple sclerosis brain tissue consists of aggregated neuronal cells.
In this report, we describe proteomic analysis of corpora amylacea collected by postmortem laser microdissection from multiple sclerosis (MS) brain lesions. Using low level protein loads (about 30Expand
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Platelet membrane fluidity and intraplatelet Ca2+ mobilization are affected in uraemia
Abstract:  In present investigations, platelet membrane fluidity and intraplatelet Ca2+ mobilization were analysed in uraemic platelets by fluorescence techniques. Thirteen non‐dialyzed uraemicExpand
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The 3–7 fragment of angiotensin II is probably responsible for its psychoactive properties
The abilities of angiotensin II-(3-7)-pentapeptide (A-II-(3-7), 1 nmol) and angiotensin II (A-II, 1 nmol) to influence rat's psychomotor and cognitive behaviours were compared. Both peptides, givenExpand
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A Method of the Rapid Preparation of Adenosine 5′-γ-[32P] Triphosphate by Chemical Synthesis
Abstract A new chemical method for the synthesis of adenosine 5′-γ-[32p] triphosphate has been developed based on the reaction of adenosine 5′- diphosphate with ethyl chloro-formate. The resultingExpand
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The preliminary evaluation of degradation of substance P(SP) fragment's analogue less than Glu SP6-11 in the subcellular fractions from different areas of rat brain.
Peptidase(s) activity of different subcellular fractions isolated from cortex, hippocampus, midbrain, thalamus with hypothalamus, cerebellum and medulla oblongata exerted against less than Glu SP6-11Expand
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Comparison of platelet aggregability and P-selectin surface expression on platelets isolated by different methods.
Three methods commonly used for isolation of blood platelets from plasma were compared. Platelets were isolated by: 1) a washing method; 2) a method of metrizamide-gradient centrifugation; 3) aExpand
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