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160 × 244 Element PtSi Schottky-barrier IR-CCD image sensor
A 160 × 244 element IR-CCD image sensor was developed with PtSi Schottky-barrier detectors (SBD's) for thermal imaging in the 3.0-5.0-µm IR band. This imager has 80 × 40 µm2pixels, a fill factor ofExpand
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360/spl times/360-element very-high-frame-rate burst image sensor
A 360/spl times/360-element very high frame rate (VHFR) burst image sensor captures images at maximum frame rate up to 10/sup g/ frame/s. This is accomplished by continuously storing the last 30Expand
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Palladium-silicide Schottky-barrier IR-CCD for SWIR applications at intermediate temperatures
A new 32 × 63 element palladium-silicide Schottky-barrier IR-CCD device is described. The device can be operated from 40 to 140K and is sensitive in the 1.0 to 3.5 µm SWIR spectral range. A typicalExpand
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Shortwave infrared 512 × 2 line sensor for earth resources applications
A buttable 512 × 2 IRCCD line image sensor was developed with Pd2Si Schottky-barrier detectors for operation with passive cooling at 120 K in the shortwave infrared (1.1-2.5 µm) band. This monolithicExpand
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Ferroelectric Light Valve Arrays for Optical Memories
An array of electrically addressed light valves, referred to as a page composer or a pattern generator, is an important component of an optical memory. Ferroelectric and related materials, such asExpand
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Low-loss charge-coupled device
Abstract : Two closed-loop CCD structures, a 256-stage and a 1024-stage devices were designed, fabricated, and operated to demonstrate a low-loss mode of operation for a very long CCD delay line or aExpand
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Visible and infrared solid-state image sensors
  • W. Kosonocky
  • Materials Science
  • International Electron Devices Meeting
  • 1983
This paper reviews the progress, major issues, and trends in the development of solid-state visible and infrared image sensors. The most common photodetector readout structure and imagerExpand
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A CCD comb filter IC for TV receivers
This paper will describe a CCD comb filter with a linear variable gain BCCD input structure, automatic CCD input and output biasing and 10.7MHz on-chip clock drivers. Expand
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"64 × 128-Element high-performance PtSi IR-CCD imager sensor"
A new t h i n P t S i d e t e c t o r s t r u c t u r e was deve loped tha t r e su l t ed in more than an o r d e r of magnitude improvement i n r e s p o n s i v i t y o v e r t h e p r e v i o uExpand
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GaAs laser inverter
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