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Nickel Adsorption to Hydrous Ferric Oxide in the Presence of EDTA: Effects of Component Addition Sequence.
Nickel, EDTA, and hydrous ferric oxide were combined in different sequences to study the effect on equilibration. In this system, the fraction of nickel adsorbed to the hydrous ferric oxide dependedExpand
Controls on Carbonate Mineral Accumulation in Bahamian Basins and Adjacent Atlantic Ocean Sediments
ABSTRACT Carbonate mineralogical studies of surface Bahamian periplatform ooze, containing pelagic calcite as well as bank-derived aragonite and magnesian calcite, were coupled with studies of theExpand
Solution Equilibria for Uranium Ore Processing: The BaSO4-H2SO4-H2O System and the RaSO4-H2SO4-H2O System
Abstract A radio-tracer determination of the solubility of BaSO4 in H2SO4-H2O mixtures was undertaken at temperatures of 25°C and 60°C. These were subsequently modelled using the Pitzer model for theExpand
The aqueous dissolution kinetics of the barium/lead sulfate solid solution series at 25 and 60°C
Abstract The dissolution behavior of the BaxPb(1−x) SO4 solid solution series and pure endmembers was investigated. The solids were precipitated from sulfuric acid solutions, then dissolved inExpand
Interactions of divalent cations with the surface of pyrite
Abstract Interactions between pyrite and dissolved Ca 2+ , Mn 2+ , Co 2+ , Ni 2+ , Cd 2+ , and Zn 2+ were studied as a function of pH, ionic strength, and adsorbate concentration in NaCl solutionsExpand
The chemistry of Co2+ interaction with calcite and aragonite surfaces
Abstract Co2+ adsorbs on both calcite and aragonite surfaces, but has a much higher affinity for calcite. The adsorption of Co2+ from dilute solutions onto calcite indicates that after extendedExpand
Our attention was first drawn to metal-*-complexes and their possible relevance t o biological chemistry through our work on the significance of the association of metals with nucleic acids (Wacker &Expand
Kinetics of desorption of ions from quartz and mica surfaces
As part of an investigation concerning the fate of226Ra during uranium ore milling and long-term taillings storage we have investigated the kinetics of the desorption of alkaline earth, lead andExpand
The use of metallocenes for protein modification. Formation of tetramethylcyclobutadiene nickel alcohol dehydrogenase.
Tetramethylcyclobutadiene nickel dichloride is a dark red, half-sandwich nickel metallocene with both aqueous and organic solubility. It reacts extensively with horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase (ECExpand
The preparation of carrier-free radium-228 using cation exchange columns
Preparation de 228 Ra a partir de la desintegration nucleaire du thorium issu du nitrate de thorium. Il est separe des autres produits de filiation au moyen de techniques d'extraction par solvant etExpand