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A meta-analysis of the technology acceptance model
A statistical meta-analysis of the technology acceptance model (TAM) as applied in various fields was conducted using 88 published studies that provided sufficient data to be credible. Expand
Antecedents of Knowledge Transfer from Consultants to Clients in Enterprise System Implementations
An integrated theoretical model is developed that posits that knowledge transfer is influenced by knowledge-related, motivational, and communication-related factors and provides support for 9 of the 13 hypotheses. Expand
Development of measures to assess the extent to which an information technology application provides competitive advantage
In order to measures the extent to which information technology provides competitive advantages, the construct "Competitive Advantage Provided by an Information Application" CAPITA was operationalized. Expand
Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
  • W. King
  • Computer Science
  • Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
  • 2009
KM is based on the premise that, just as human beings are unable to draw on the full potential of their brains, organizations are generally not able to fully utilize the knowledge that they possess. Expand
Integration between Business Planning and Information Systems Planning: An Evolutionary-Contingency Perspective
We examined the evolution of BP-ISP integration and the contingency variables that may influence BP- ISP integration. Expand
Organizational Characteristics and Information Systems Planning: An Empirical Study
A research model is developed that links two major dimensions of IS planning-the quality of the planning process and planning effectiveness-with a set of eight organizational factors derived from contingency research in IS planning, strategic business planning, organizational studies, and technology innovation. Expand
Strategic Planning for Management Information Systems
  • W. King
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • MIS Q.
  • 1 March 1978
Planning for the information systems in an organization generally has not been closely related to the overall strategic planning processes through which the organization prepares for its future. AnExpand
Understanding the Role and Methods of Meta-Analysis in IS Research
  • W. King, Jun He
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Commun. Assoc. Inf. Syst.
  • 2005
Four methods for reviewing a body of research literature – narrative review, descriptive review, vote-counting, and meta-analysis – are compared. Expand
Predictors of Formal Control Usage in IT Outsourcing Partnerships
We use literature on transaction cost economics and organizational control to build a model of the antecedents of the amount of formal control used by a client to control the behavior of a vendor. Expand
Integration Between Business Planning and Information Systems Planning: Validating a Stage Hypothesis
This paper proposes and empirically validates a stages of growth model for the evolution of Information Systems Planning (ISP), which includes measurement of the nature and level of integration between business planning (BP) and ISP. Expand