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Defective B cell development and function in Btk-deficient mice.
Mutations in the Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk) gene have been linked to severe early B cell developmental blocks in human X-linked agammaglobulinemia (XLA), and to milder B cell activationExpand
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Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase Is Required for Activation of Iκb Kinase and Nuclear Factor κb in Response to B Cell Receptor Engagement
Mutations in the gene encoding Bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk) cause the B cell deficiency diseases X-linked agammaglobulinemia (XLA) in humans and X-linked immunodeficiency (xid) in mice. In vivo andExpand
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Involvement of Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase in FcεRI-dependent Mast Cell Degranulation and Cytokine Production
We investigated the role of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk) in FcεRI-dependent activation of mouse mast cells, using xid and btk null mutant mice. Unlike B cell development, mast cell development isExpand
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Transitional Type 1 and 2 B Lymphocyte Subsets Are Differentially Responsive to Antigen Receptor Signaling*
Mature B-lymphocytes develop sequentially from transitional type 1 (T1) and type 2 (T2) precursors in the spleen. To elucidate the mechanisms that regulate the developmental fate of these distinct BExpand
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TLR Stimulation Modifies BLyS Receptor Expression in Follicular and Marginal Zone B Cells1
Through their differential interactions with B lymphocyte stimulator (BLyS) and a proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL), the three BLyS family receptors play central roles in B cell survival andExpand
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Impaired B cell maturation in mice lacking Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk) and CD40.
Mutations in Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk) gene, in mice, result in reduced numbers and responses of peripheral B cells. Surface Ig-mediated signaling is defective in Btk mutant B cells as they doExpand
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Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase Mediates NF-κB Activation and B Cell Survival by B Cell-Activating Factor Receptor of the TNF-R Family1
Loss of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (Btk) function results in mouse Xid disease characterized by a reduction in mature B cells and impaired humoral immune responses. These defects have been mainlyExpand
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Independent and Opposing Roles For Btk and Lyn in B and Myeloid Signaling Pathways
Transphosphorylation by Src family kinases is required for the activation of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk). Differences in the phenotypes of Btk−/− and lyn−/− mice suggest that these kinases mayExpand
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B Cell Receptor and BAFF Receptor Signaling Regulation of B Cell Homeostasis1
  • W. Khan
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Immunology
  • 15 September 2009
B lymphocyte homeostasis depends on tonic and induced BCR signaling and receptors sensitive to trophic factors, such as B cell-activating factor receptor (BAFF-R or BR3) during development andExpand
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Phospholipase C-γ2 Couples Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase to the NF-κB Signaling Pathway in B Lymphocytes*
Mutations in the gene encoding Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) interfere with B cell proliferation and lead to an X-linked immunodeficiency in mice characterized by reduced B cell numbers. RecentExpand
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