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A Test of Tariff Endogeneity in the United States
The high level of protection that exists in many countries is a source of irritation to the normative biases that most economists hold in favor of liberal trade policies. Public-choice explanationsExpand
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The Political Economy of Economic Sanctions
International economic sanctions have become increasingly important as alternatives to military conflict since the end of the Cold War. This chapter surveys various approaches to the study ofExpand
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International Trade: Theory and Evidence
This is a textbook (out of print and copyright reverted to authors) that design for a one-semester course in international trade theory at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate level. ItExpand
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International Economic Sanctions Against a Dictator
Wintrobe's (1990, 1998) dictatorship model is adapted to examine the impacts of economic sanctions on an autocrat. It is shown that the dictator's choice of the level of power, and the quantities ofExpand
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Cigarette demand and tax policy for race groups in South Africa
This paper calculates cigarette demand for race groups in South Africa. Elasticities are the most important information a tax policy analyst can have. Elasticities determine how the tax base willExpand
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The Origins and Demise of South African Apartheid: A Public Choice Analysis
In the early 1990s, South Africa experienced a remarkable transition to democracy. Nelson Mandela was freed from prison, his previously outlawed ANC was legalized, and all-race elections were held inExpand
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Baseball Salaries and Income Taxes
In this article, the authors examine the impact on the salaries of free agents in Major League Baseball (MLB) of differences in state and local individual income taxes between major league cities, inExpand
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Instrument Choice and the Effectiveness of International Sanctions: A Simultaneous Equations Approach
The literature on economic sanctions suggests that the choice of policy instrument, for example trade sanctions, financial sanctions, or military intervention, is endogenous to the political processExpand
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A Model of the Political Economy of International Investment Sanctions: The Case of South Africa
SUMMARY Many advocates of sanctions against South Africa have proposed that such measures will reduce the wealth of white South Africans and thereby raise the costs of apartheid to those whoExpand
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