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Guiding principles on internal displacement : annotations
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von Hippel-Lindau gene-mediated growth suppression and induction of differentiation in renal cell carcinoma cells grown as multicellular tumor spheroids.
Previous results using gene transfection methods have shown that the wild-type (WT) von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) gene can function as a potent tumor suppressor gene in vivo for renal cell carcinoma (RCC)Expand
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Changing climates, moving people: framing migration, displacement and planned relocation
Different policies are required for different types of human mobility related to climatic changes. Hence, it is necessary to distinguish between migration, displacement and planned relocation inExpand
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National Adaptation Plans and human mobility
In order to avoid displacement when possible, displacement and human mobility issues need to be better integrated within national and regional adaptation planning processes. When movement cannot beExpand
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Troubled Communication: Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings in the Asylum-Hearing
This article demonstrates how misunderstandings rooted in the differences between the asylum-seeker's and the official's cultural background can seriously distort the process of communication duringExpand
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Preparation of Ag5−xTe3Thin Films and Confirmation of Their Crystal Structure by High Resolution Electron Microscopy
Abstract Single crystalline thin films of Ag 5− x Te 3 (Steutzite) have been prepared from thin silver films and tellurium vapour and their crystal structure is compared to crystal structuresExpand
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The Law of International Human Rights Protection
PART I: FOUNDATIONS OF INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW 1. Origins and Universality 2. Notions and Sources 3. The Legal Nature of Human Rights Obligations 4. The Scope of Application of Human Rights 5.Expand
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From the Nansen Principles to the Nansen Initiative
The Nansen Initiative launched in October 2012 aims to build consensus among states about how best to address cross-border displacement in the context of sudden- and slow-onset disasters.
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