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Tsunami run-up and inundation along the coast of Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia due to a potential Brunei submarine mass failure
Submarine landslides, also known as submarine mass failures (SMFs), are major natural marine disasters that could critically damage coastal facilities such as nuclear power plants and oil and gasExpand
Simulation of Potentially Catastrophic Landslide Tsunami in North West Borneo Trough
Seismic–tectonic activity and sedimentary instability processes can generate submarine landslides that seriously damage seafloor infrastructures and generate large destructive tsunamis if the slideExpand
The development of tsunami inundation map for Penang using TUNA-RP
As an essential part of the tsunami early warning system, tsunami inundation maps provide critical information on tsunami risks and vulnerability along the coastal areas. This information providesExpand
Integrating bathymetric and topographic data
The quality of bathymetric and topographic resolution significantly affect the accuracy of tsunami run-up and inundation simulation. However, high resolution gridded bathymetric and topographic dataExpand
Simulating tsunami run-up onto a planar beach by TUNA-RP
The devastating 2004 Andaman tsunami and the crippling 2011 Fukushima tsunami highlight the vulnerability to future tsunamis for coastal communities living in affected regions. An importantExpand
Assessing potential impact of tsunami on Penang Island via TUNA-RP simulation
The Indian Ocean mega tsunami that occurred on 26 December 2004 resulted in the death of over 200,000 people worldwide, including 52 deaths in Penang Island, Malaysia. This rare but devastatingExpand