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In-vitro activity of ofloxacin against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its clinical efficacy in multiply resistant pulmonary tuberculosis.
Favourable MICs of ofloxacin were demonstrated for 147 isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, indicating more rapid bacteriolysis and implying the definite efficacy of of loxacIn when used together with second-line accompanying drugs in the management of resistant tuberculosis. Expand
The early bactericidal activity of rifabutin measured by sputum viable counts in Hong Kong patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.
The difference between the EBAs for rifabutin and rifampicin just attained significance suggesting that rifAButin was inactive or less active than rifampsicin against the extracellular bacilli in pulmonary cavities, and Peak plasma concentrations of rif abutin after the initial doses were found to be proportional to dose size. Expand
Combination of ofloxacin and amikacin in the treatment of sternotomy wound infection.
Preliminary results from a future prospective study with ofloxacin as single agent for soft tissue, particularly postoperative sepsis due to M fortuitum, will be planned are encouraged by these preliminary results. Expand
Single daily-dose ofloxacin monotherapy for Mycobacterium fortuitum sternotomy infection.
Monotherapy with ofloxacin is recommended for M fortuitum infection of wound and soft tissue, with in vitro susceptibility studies as a guide, pending further reinforcing clinical evidence. Expand
Ofloxacin therapy of Mycobacterium fortuitum infection: further experience.
Four methods for determining albumin in azotemic sera evaluated.
Four methods used to measure albumin concentration in sera of patients with various degrees of renal failure are evaluated, comparing results with those by the most specific method, radial immunodiffusion. Expand
Antimicrobial activity of ofloxacin and other agents against mycobacterial isolates from postoperative sternotomy wounds.
Investigation of median sternotomy wound infections from Mycobacterium fortuitum and M chelonei in a cardiothoracic hospital in 1987 and 1988 indicates that ofloxacin alone is as effective as the combination of oflOxacin and amikacin in treating M fortuitsum, but not M che lonei, infection. Expand
Minimal bactericidal and inhibitory concentrations of ofloxacin on Mycobacterium fortuitum at pH 7 and 5: therapeutic implications.
The MBCs and MICs in vitro of this antibiotic on the organism under neutral pH (7) and acidic pH (5) and found marked escalation of these values under the latter condition provides hints on the therapy of these infections under in vivo settings. Expand