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Drum drying potato flakes - A predictive model
Etablissement d'un modele mathematique constitue de plusieurs equations prenant en compte les parametres : vitesse de rotation du tambour, pression de vapeur, nombre de pulverisateurs, temperaturesExpand
Scientists at Eastern Regional Research Center have successfully continuously explosion-puffed potatoes for dehydration. By using a newly designed and fabricated puffing unit, they demonstrated thatExpand
Carrot Dehydration—Optimization Process Studies on the Explosion‐Puffing Process
A carrot dehydration process that includes the unique continuous explosion-puffing system (CEPS) is described. A drying study included moisture distribution throughout a two-stage pilot scale dryerExpand
Development of a continuous process to obtain a confectionery fat from tallow: Final status
A two-step pilot plant continuous process fractionally crystallized edible beef tallow into three fractions-a confectionery fat (14%), cooking oil (69%), and stearine (17%). The tallow was dissolvedExpand
Abstracts of papers presented at the 62nd Annual PAA Meeting Orlando, Florida April 16–20, 1978
62nd ANNUAL PAA MEETING Orlando, Florida April 16-20, 1978 Regulation of Potato Tuber Invertase-Proteinaceous Inhibitor Binding by Sugars and Salts. ANDERSON, ROGER S. and Elmer E. Ewing, CornellExpand
Robotic high pressure water jet cutting of chuck slices
With the objective of producing high quality and economical starting material for restructured beef products, the use of a high pressure water jet was investigated for excising objectionable materialExpand
Development of a continuous process for enol esters of fatty acids
Abstract and SummaryA continuous process for the production of iso-propenyl stearate from stearic acid and propyne was developed. The reaction proceeds at elevated pres-sures and temperatures (∼550Expand
Component recognition in beef chuck using colorimetric determination
The potential for increasing the utilization of lower quality grades and cuts of beef was dependent on controlling the level of objectionable components, such as connective tissue and developing anExpand
Continuous electronic on-line cookness tester for potatoes
An on-line instrument was developed to continuously measure the amount of cooking received by potatoes during processing. It correlates with our earlier work in which a batch back extrusion testerExpand
A mechanical destoner for small processing plants
A mechanical destoner was designed and built. The unit is suitable for small scale potato processing. It efficiently removes all stones from potatoes while rejecting less than 1% of the potatoes.