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A Test of Equal Mobility in Fluvial Sediment Transport: Behavior of the Sand Fraction
Mobile fine sediment was caught in six screened pit traps installed in the bed of a cobble gravel channel. Sample periods lasted from several hours to several days, so the trapped material representsExpand
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Analytical Methods in Geochemical Prospecting
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Trace element content of soils and plants from the Selwyn Mountains, Yukon and Northwest Territories
The relationships between molybdenum, copper, zinc, and manganese contents of soils and plants from a pristine region of northwestern Canada are reported. Abnormally high plant molybdenum values (upExpand
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Transport of cassiterite in a Malaysian stream: implications for geochemical exploration
It is generally supposed that accumulations of heavy minerals develop on stream beds because heavy minerals are transported more slowly than the sediment as a whole. However, insofar as relativeExpand
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Enrichment of platinum and associated elements in organic seepage soils of the Tulameen ultramafic complex, southern British Columbia
Abstract Concentrations of Pt have been determined in seepage waters, organic soil horizons and trees in and upslope from a seepage site on the dunite core of the platiniferous Tulameen ultramaficExpand
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Transport and Deposition of Cassiterite by a Malaysian Stream
ABSTRACT Low abundances of "heavy" heavy minerals, such as cassiterite and gold, in natural sediments make it difficult to observe and monitor the sedimentological processes that lead to theExpand
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Transport of magnetite and gold in Harris Creek, British Columbia, and implications for exploration
Abstract Earlier studies have suggested that difficulties sometimes encountered in following up anomalies can result partly from large seasonal variations in gold content of stream sediments. ThisExpand
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Effects of valley and local channel morphology on the distribution of gold in stream sediments from Harris Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Abstract Large (60 kg, minus 2 mm) sediment samples collected from a 5-km reach of a mature highland stream were used to investigate the effects of bar morphology and channel slope on the downstreamExpand
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Distribution and dispersion of gold in point bar and pavement sediments of the Huai Hin Laep, Loei, northeastern Thailand
Abstract Gold anomalies in drainage sediments are often erratic, reflecting both the nugget effect and hydraulic effects whereby gold is concentrated at favorable sites along a stream. This studyExpand
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Gold distribution in glacial sediments and soils at Boston Property, Nunavut, Canada
Abstract Geochemical exploration for gold in the Slave Structural Province, Nunavut, Canada is hampered by a complex cover of Quaternary sediments and a lack of information on the effects of glacialExpand
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