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Metabolizable and Non-Metabolizable Sugars Activate Different Signal Transduction Pathways in Tomato1
To gain insight into the regulatory mechanisms of sugar signaling in plants, the effect of derivatives of the transport sugar sucrose (Suc), the Suc isomers palatinose and turanose, and the SucExpand
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The Transport of Sugars to Developing Embryos Is Not via the Bulk Endosperm in Oilseed Rape Seeds1[W][OA]
The fate of sucrose (Suc) supplied via the phloem to developing oilseed rape (Brassica napus) seeds has been investigated by supplying [14C]Suc to pedicels of detached, developing siliques. TheExpand
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A dedicated spectrometer for dissolution DNP NMR spectroscopy.
Using low temperature dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) in conjunction with dissolution makes it possible to generate highly polarised nuclear spin systems for liquid state applications of nuclearExpand
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A non-invasive measurement of phloem and xylem water flow in castor bean seedlings by nuclear magnetic resonance microimaging
A flow-sensitive nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) microimaging technique was applied to measure directly the in-vivo water flow in 6-d-old castor bean seedlings. The achieved in-plane resolution ofExpand
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Functional imaging of plants by magnetic resonance experiments.
Microimaging based on magnetic resonance is an experimental technique that can provide a unique view of a variety of plant physiological processes. Particularly interesting applications includeExpand
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Nuclear magnetic resonance micro-imaging in the investigation of plant cell metabolism.
Micro-imaging based on nuclear magnetic resonance offers the possibility to map metabolites in plant tissues non-invasively. Major metabolites such as sucrose and amino acids can be observed withExpand
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Magnetic resonance imaging in entomology: a critical review
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) enables in vivo imaging of organisms. The recent development of the magnetic resonance microscope (MRM) has enabled organisms within the size range of many insects toExpand
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Investigation of Carbohydrate Metabolism and Transport in Castor Bean Seedlings by CyclicJCross Polarization Imaging and Spectroscopy
NMR experiments using13C-labeled compounds offer the possibility of noninvasive monitoring of carbohydrate transport and metabolism in living plants, but are usually hampered by the low sensitivityExpand
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Plant histochemistry by correlation peak imaging.
Using a new NMR correlation-peak imaging technique, we were able to investigate noninvasively the spatial distribution of carbohydrates and amino acids in the hypocotyl of castor bean seedlings. InExpand
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Phloem loading--not metaphysical, only complex: towards a unified model of phloem loading.
Phloem loading comprises the entire pathway of phloem-mobile solutes from their place of generation (or delivery) to the sieve tubes in a sequence of transport steps across or passing by severalExpand
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