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The Java Language Specification
The Java Language Specification, Second Edition is the definitive technical reference for the Java programming language and provides complete, accurate, and detailed coverage of the syntax and semantics of the Java language.
A fast file system for UNIX
A reimplementation of the UNIX TM file system is described. The reimplementation provides substantially higher throughput rates by using more flexible allocation policies that allow better locality
A Fast File System for UNIX (Revised July 27, 1983)
A reimplementation of the UNIX file system is described. The reimplementation provides substantially higher throughput rates by using more flexible allocation policies, that allow better locality of
Practical LR error recovery
The method utilizes a number of previous error recovery ideas: forward moves in the input after detection of errors to incorporate right context, recovery choice based on weighted costs, and the use of special productions to indicate major productions in the grammar for error recovery.
Converting a swap-based system to do paging in an architecture lacking page-referenced bits
This paper discusses the modifications made to the UNIX operating system for the VAX-11/780 to convert it from a swap-based segmented system to a paging-based virtual memory system, and outlines current work in modeling the policies employed by the system.
Hashed symbol tables for languages with explicit scope control
This paper shows how a hashed symbol table can be organized to implement these new scope rules in a time and space efficient way.
Acm Sigcomm –101– Computer Communication Review 8 Related Work Acm Sigcomm –100– Computer Communication Review 7 Hierarchical Multicast Routing 6 Link-state Multicast Routing 5.4 Reverse Path
This paper proposes extensions to two common internetwork routing algorithms—distance-vector routing and link-state routing—to support low-delay datagram multicasting and suggests modifications to the singlespanning-tree routing algorithm, commonly used by linklayer bridges, to reduce the costs of multicasting in large extended LANs.
An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi
Vi (visual) is a display oriented interactive text editor which can locally insert and delete lines and characters from the display, and the editor will function quite well on dumb terminals over slow phone lines.
An Introduction to the C shell
Csh is a new command language interpreter for UNIX† systems which incorporates good features of other shells and a history mechanism similar to the redo of INTERLISP, and is designed more for the interactive UNIX user.
A 4.2bsd Interprocess Communication Primer
The report documents the internal structure of the networking system, which is based on several central abstractions which structure the external (user) view of network communication as well as the internal (system) implementation.