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Description of the larva of Andogyrus buqueti (Aubé, 1838) (Coleoptera, Gyrinidae)
The larva of Andogyrus buqueti (Aube, 1838) is described in all instars. The larva shows characters which are typical for that of Enhydrini and Orectochilini. The closer relationship of AndogyrusExpand
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Influence of mood on visually evoked potentials: a prospective longitudinal study.
Anecdotal observations have suggested that individual differences in mood state could be one reason for the variability of visually evoked potentials (VEP). Therefore, we designed a longitudinalExpand
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On a small collection of Psychodidae (Diptera) from Colombia
The following new Psychodidae were collected by W. Joost, during a visit in Colombia: Arisemus guhli spec, nov., Arisemus roessleri spec, nov., Arisemus obandoni spec, nov., Arisemus martinezi spec,Expand
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Further Records of Moth-Flies (Diptera, Psychodidae) from the Armenian SSR
Joosttella caucasica Vaillant and Paramormia fratercula (Eaton) are recorded for thefirst time from the Armenian SSR. Jungiella monikae sp.n. is described and figured, and the differences to relatedExpand
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Rhyacopsyche Mutisi n. sp. ‐ a new microcaddisfly with an unusual larva from Colombia (trichoptera, hydroptilidae)
Collecting of caddisflies in Colombia resulted in the discovery of an unde‐scribed species of Rhyacopsyche. The larvae and pupae were firmly attached with long, silken threads to stones in a mountainExpand
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Psychodidae aus Bulgarien (Insecta, Diptera)
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To the occurrence of Andogyrus buqueti (Aubé, 1838) in Paramo de monserate near Bogotá, Colombia (Coleoptera, Gyrinidae)
From the six previously in Colombia reported Andogyrus species, A. buqueti (Aube, 1838) was proved. For this species details to the habitat and remarks on the behaviour of the egg‐morphology and onExpand
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