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Labor market discrimination against men with disabilities
The 1984 panel of the Survey of Income and Program Participation is used to estimate the extent of labor market discrimination against men with disabilities. Men with disabilities are classified intoExpand
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Managing Work Disability: Why First Return to Work is Not a Measure of Success
Studies of the effectiveness of medical and vocational rehabilitation and the disincentive effects of workers' compensation benefits frequently assume that a return to work signals the end of theExpand
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Preventing medical injury.
Although adverse events (AEs) are not uncommon in hospitalized patients, they are by no means inevitable. A review of records from a population-based study in New York revealed that nearly 4% ofExpand
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Outcomes in work-related upper extremity and low back injuries: results of a retrospective study.
BACKGROUND The outcomes of treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses are multidimensional and complex, but have rarely been explored in detail. This study was intended to provide informationExpand
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Labor Market Discrimination against Women with Disabilities
This article estimates the extent of wage discrimination and, for the first time, the employment effects of wage discrimination, against women with disabilities. In 1984, more than one-half of theExpand
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The error of using returns-to-work to measure the outcomes of health care.
This article uses data from The Survey of Ontario Workers With Permanent Impairments. the world's largest survey of injured workers, to show that, as currently used, return-to-work is a misleadingExpand
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The economic consequences of medical injuries. Implications for a no-fault insurance plan.
BACKGROUND There has been little research into the actual economic consequences of medical injuries. This inhibits informed discussion of alternatives to malpractice litigation. For example, the costExpand
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Wage Discrimination against Handicapped Men and Women.
The extent of discrimination against handicapped men and women is estimated in this paper. Observed wage differentials are corrected for selectivity bias. The results indicate that almost one-thirdExpand
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Dispelling the Myths about Work Disability
Work disability is a costly problem in the U.S. In 1988, for example, the costs of work disability included $22 billion in SSDI payments, $11 billion in SSI payments to the blind and disabled, $19Expand
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Employment discrimination
1 Scope of law and economics analysis of employment discrimination The law and economics scholarship on employment discrimination examines the welfare consequences of the legal rules regulatingExpand
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