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Comparison of detomidine, butorphanol, flunixin meglumine and xylazine in clinical cases of equine colic.
Detomidine hydrochloride, butorphanol tartrate, flunixin meglumine and xylazine hydrochloride were evaluated in a blind multi-centre clinical trial in 152 horses with abdominal pain. The drugs wereExpand
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Effect of Dose of Cloprostenol on the Interval to Ovulation in the Diestrous Mare: A Retrospective Study
Although the ovulatory effects of prostaglandins are well documented in several domestic species including horses, there has been little attention paid to the use of this ovulatory effect forExpand
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Current research in coitus-induced ovulation: a review.
: Against the background of renewed interest in the existence of reflex ovulation in many animal species and the possibility of its existence in man, this review on current research efforts embracesExpand
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Effect of dose of GnRH analog on ovulation in mares.
Proper timing of insemination for optimal conception is accomplished by frequent palpations per rectum, by ultrasonography of the preovulatory follicle and/or by treatment with hCG or GnRH. SustainedExpand
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Superovulation of beef heifers with Pergonal (HMG): A dose response trial.
A study was designed to establish a dose-response curve for Pergonal (Human Menopausal Gonadotrophin) and to compare its efficacy in inducing superovulation with commercial FSH-P. A recognizedExpand
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Evaluation of clinical and luteolytic effects of a novel prostaglandin analogue in normal and problem mares.
Alfaprostal (K 11941), a novel prostaglandin F2 alpha analogue was clinically tested in 24 dioestrous mares, 40 anoestrous mares and 31 postpartum mares, all being given 2 or 3 mg intramuscularly.Expand
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