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Susceptibilities of Mycoplasma hominis to herbs.
To determine the susceptibilities of Mycoplasma homonis to Chinese medicinal herbs in vitro, 30 clinical strains of M. hominis were isolated and identified from the clinical specimen and these findings laid a foundation in treating M.hominis infection with Chinese herbs. Expand
[Preliminary screening of Chinese herbal medicine in inhibiting Helicobacter pylori].
Results indicated that 38 among 200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine had inhibitory effects on HP, which provided evidence for diagnosis and treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis and peptic ulcer, also for inhibition of HP growth. Expand
Elsinochrome phytotoxin production and pathogenicity of Elsinoë arachidis isolates in China
The results showed elsinochrome biosynthesis to be controlled by E. arachidis and showed el sinochrome to be a vital virulence factor of E. Arachidis, required for disease severity. Expand
Genotyping of Chlamydia trachomatis Isolates by a Multiplex PCR
The multiplex PCR genotyping method for C.trachomatis is a sensitive, specific, convenient and practical tool for clinical application. Expand
Susceptibility of Mycoplasma Hominis to Several Antimicrobials and Chinese Medicinal Herbs
The study provides evidences of treating Mycoplasma hominis infection by combination of antimicrobials with Chinese medicinal herbs. Expand
Genomic analysis for Biosynthesis and Metabolic Pathway of Elsinochrome Toxin produced by Elsinoë arachidis
Background: Elsinoë arachidis, an important peanut pathogenic fungus that distributes widely and leads to large-scale losses in peanut producing regions in China, produce elsinochromes (ESCs) asExpand