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A novel supramolecular AIE gel acts as a multi-analyte sensor array
A novel organic gelator (WJ) based on benzimidazole and acylhydrazone naphthol moities has been designed and synthesized. The organic gelator (WJ) could form a stable organogel (WJG) with strongExpand
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A tripodal supramolecular sensor to successively detect picric acid and CN− through guest competitive controlled AIE
Efficient detection of explosives (e.g. picric acid) and toxic compounds (e.g. cyanide) is an important task. Herein, we report a simple and efficient method for the selective and sensitive detectionExpand
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Modification of silica surfaces by grafting of alkyl chains. I — Characterization of silica surfaces by inverse gas-solid chromatography at zero surface coverage
SummaryThe surface properties of fumed and precipitated silicas were modified by esterifying their surface silanol groups with methanol and hexadecanol.Characterization of the silicas by inverseExpand
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Aggregation-Induced Emission Supramolecular Organic Framework (AIE SOF) Gels Constructed from Supramolecular Polymer Networks Based on Tripodal Pillar[5]arene for Fluorescence Detection and Efficient
Herein, an aggregation-induced emission (AIE) supramolecular organic framework gel (SOF-TPN-G) was successfully constructed from novel supramolecular polymer networks based on tripodalExpand
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Ultrasensitive Detection of Formaldehyde in Gas and Solutions by a Catalyst Preplaced Sensor Based on a Pillar[5]arene Derivative
Abnormal formaldehyde (FA) is known to induce a variety of diseases. Herein, we report a novel and efficient method for ultrasensitive detection of formaldehyde in gas and solutions by a catalystExpand
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An easy-to-make strong white AIE supramolecular polymer as a colour tunable photoluminescence material
An easy-to-make supramolecular polymer was successfully constructed by self-assembly of tripodal tri-(pyridine-4-yl)-functionalized trimesic amide (DTB) in DMSO–H2O binary solutions. TheExpand
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Spongy Materials Based on Supramolecular Polymer Networks for Detection and Separation of Broad-Spectrum Pollutants
By rationally introducing multi-interactions sites, supramolecular polymer networks (SPN-TDPG) has been successfully designed and constructed. SPN-TDPG gel shows aggregation-induced emission,Expand
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Light-induced dynamically tunable micropatterned surface for the regulation of the endothelial cell alignment
The surface topography has a great effect on the behaviour of adherent cells. We report an efficient method to prepare shape memory surfaces with dynamically changed micropatterns, which can beExpand
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Modification of silica surfaces by grafting of alkyl chains. II-Characterization of silica surfaces by inverse gas-solid chromatography at finite concentration
SummaryModel compounds, resulting from the surface esterification of fumed and precipitated silicas with methanol or hexadecanol, have been characterized by inverse gassolid chromatography at finiteExpand
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