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Transparency in Academic Recruitment: A Problematic Tool for Gender Equality?
Gender research has made a call for more transparency and accountability in academic recruitment and selection in order to overcome the inequality practices that have led to an underrepresentation ofExpand
The female condom: the international denial of a strong potential
Abstract The female condom has received surprisingly little serious attention since its introduction in 1984. Given the numbers of women with HIV globally, international support for women'sExpand
Gender and the expansion of university education in Jordan
This article explores how gender is threaded through the expansion and privatization of higher education in Jordan. Due to the justified current concern with the educational deficit of Muslim girls,Expand
The economy of religious merit: women and ajr in Algeria
Women's participation and visibility in the Algerian labour force is extremely low. One cultural mechanism to keep women's work out of view is to classify certain types of activities of women not asExpand
Silencing women’s sexuality: global AIDS policies and the case of the female condom
The female condom is the only evidence‐based AIDS prevention technology that has been designed for the female body; yet, most women do not have access to it. This is remarkable since women constituteExpand
Empowerment through sex education? Rethinking paradoxical policies
Abstract Youth empowerment is the main goal of sex education according to Dutch Government and NGO policies. Academics from different disciplines have argued, however, that the ideal of empowermentExpand