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The Genera of Fungi - fixing the application of the type species of generic names – G 2: Allantophomopsis, Latorua, Macrodiplodiopsis, Macrohilum, Milospium, Protostegia, Pyricularia, Robillarda,
The present paper represents the second contribution in the Genera of Fungi series, linking type species of fungal genera to their morphology and DNA sequence data, and where possible, ecology. ThisExpand
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European species of Hypocrea Part I. The green-spored species
At present 75 species of Hypocrea have been identified in temperate Europe. Nineteen green-spored species and their Trichoderma asexual states are here described in detail. Extensive searches forExpand
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Resolution of morphology-based taxonomic delusions: Acrocordiella, Basiseptospora, Blogiascospora, Clypeosphaeria, Hymenopleella, Lepteutypa, Pseudapiospora, Requienella, Seiridium and Strickeria
Fresh material, type studies and molecular phylogeny were used to clarify phylogenetic relationships of the nine genera Acrocordiella, Blogiascospora, Clypeosphaeria, Hymenopleella, Lepteutypa,Expand
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Systematics of the Trichoderma harzianum species complex and the re-identification of commercial biocontrol strains
Trichoderma harzianum is known as a cosmopolitan, ubiquitous species associated with a wide variety of substrates. It is possibly the most commonly used name in agricultural applications involvingExpand
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Naming and outline of Dothideomycetes–2014 including proposals for the protection or suppression of generic names
Article 59.1, of the International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (ICN; Melbourne Code), which addresses the nomenclature of pleomorphic fungi, became effective from 30 July 2011.Expand
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European species of Hypocrea part II: species with hyaline ascospores
To date 75 species of Hypocrea/Trichoderma forming teleomorphs are recognised in Europe. The 56 hyaline-spored species are here described in detail and illustrated in colour plates, includingExpand
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Biodiversity of Trichoderma (Hypocreaceae) in Southern Europe and Macaronesia
The first large-scale survey of sexual and asexual Trichoderma morphs collected from plant and fungal materials conducted in Southern Europe and Macaronesia including a few collections from FrenchExpand
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Recommendations of generic names in Diaporthales competing for protection or use
In advancing to one name for fungi, this paper treats generic names competing for use in the order Diaporthales (Ascomycota, Sordariomycetes) and makes a recommendation for the use or protection ofExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships of five genera of Xylariales and Rosasphaeria gen. nov. (Hypocreales)
Eight inconspicuous non-stromatic perithecial fungi immersed in plant tissue are assessed with respect to their morphology, ecology and phylogenetic position. Emphasis is laid on two genera now andExpand
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Hidden diversity in Thyridaria and a new circumscription of the Thyridariaceae
A multigene analysis of a combined ITS-LSU-SSU-rpb2-tef1 sequence data matrix was applied to infer the phylogenetic position of the genus Thyridaria in the Pleosporales. The generic type ofExpand
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