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Electron cryo-microscopy shows how strong binding of myosin to actin releases nucleotide
Muscle contraction involves the cyclic interaction of the myosin cross-bridges with the actin filament, which is coupled to steps in the hydrolysis of ATP. While bound to actin each cross-bridgeExpand
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Three-dimensional atomic model of F-actin decorated with Dictyostelium myosin S1
ELUCIDATION of the molecular contacts between actin and myosin is central to understanding the force-generating process in muscle and other cells. Actin, a highly conserved globular protein found inExpand
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Forecasting fire growth using an inverse zone modelling approach
A new methodology to effectively forecast fire dynamics based on assimilation of sensor observations is presented and demonstrated. An inverse modelling approach with a two-zone model is used toExpand
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Argiotoxin636 inhibits NMDA-activated ion channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes
Argiotoxin636, a component of the spider venom of argiope species, was chemically synthesized together with a number of derivatives in order to analyse their blocking activity on mammalian glutamateExpand
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Synthesis, characterization and application of two nucleoside triphosphate analogues, GTPgammaNH(2) and GTPgammaF.
Guanosine triphosphate nucleotide analogues such as GppNHp (also named GMPPNP) or GTPgammaS are widely used to stabilize rapidly hydrolyzing protein-nucleotide complexes and to investigateExpand
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Synthese 5′-substituierter Adenosinderivate
Die bei nucleophilen Substitutionen storende Umlagerung des 5′-O-Tosyl-2′.3′-O-isopropyliden-adenosins zu einem „Cyclo-nucleosid-Salz” last sich durch N-Acylierung vermeiden. Damit werdenExpand
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Vom Adenosin abgeleitete Thioäther und S‐Oxide
Aus Methyl-[adenosyl-(5′)]-sulfid wurden mit H2O2 oder mit Br2 zwei diastereomere S-Oxide erhalten, ein rechts- und ein linksdrehendes. Die linksdrehende Form zeigt an der Ratte blutdrucksenkendeExpand
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Derivatization of ribosomes and of tRNA with an undecagold cluster : crystallographic and functional studies
An undecagold cluster was covalently attached to whole ribosomes and to their small and large subunits prior to their crystallization. X-ray crystallographic data were collected from crystals of theExpand
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The association of actin and myosin in the presence of gamma-amido-ATP proceeds mainly via a complex with myosin in the closed conformation.
  • W. Jahn
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  • 21 August 2007
The interaction of gamma-amido-ATP (ATPN) and its 2'(3')-O-methylanthraniloyl derivative (mantATPN) with skeletal myosin subfragment 1 (S1) and actomyosin (actoS1) was studied in stopped-flowExpand
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