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Effects of Indomethacin on Local Blood Flow Regulation in Canine Heart and Kidney 1
Summary In two series of experiments we studied the effects of indomethacin on (a) coronary reactive hyperemia and, (b) renal blood flow, autoregulation, and reactive dilation. Coronary blood flowExpand
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Lung Fluid Exchange after Uneven Pulmonary Artery Obstruction in Sheep
We studied steady state transvascular fluid and protein exchange after uneven obstruction of the pulmonary arteries. In anesthetized sheep, ventilated by positive pressure, we measured pulmonaryExpand
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Extravascular lung water after extracellular fluid volume expansion in dogs.
We have compared extravascular lung water after extracellular fluid volume expansion with that predicted from lung sucrose space measured in control dogs. In control lungs mean extravascularExpand
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Noninvasive measurement of pulmonary transvascular protein flux in sheep.
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Vascular responses in the equine digit.
The digital circulation was isolated in 12 ponies under pentobarbital anesthesia. Blood flow was either controlled by a pump or measured under natural perfusion. The responses to rapid changes andExpand
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Low levels of cadmium chloride damage the corneal endothelium
The effect of cadmium chloride on the integrity of the endothelium of isolated bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) corneas was examined by spectrophotometric analysis of corneal uptake of the vital stainExpand
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Equilibration of intravascular albumin with lung lymph in unanesthetized sheep.
In 16 unanesthetized sheep with chronic lung lymph fistulas we measured pulmonary vascular pressures, lymph flow, lymph and plasma total protein and albumin concentration. We determined the rate ofExpand
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Comparison of afferent and efferent lung lymph in the sheep.
Efferent lymph collected from the caudal mediastinal lymph node (CMN) in the sheep lung lymph fistula model has been reported to represent free pulmonary interstitial fluid. Studies that utilize thisExpand
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Effects of Monastral blue on pulmonary arterial blood pressure and lung and liver particle retention in chickens.
The effects of intravenous administration of the vascular tracer Monastral blue (MB) on pulmonary arterial blood pressure and the retention of MB by lung and liver were assessed in anesthetized WhiteExpand
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