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Augmentation of highly viscous laminar heat transfer inside tubes with constant wall temperature
Abstract An experimental investigation of enhanced tubeside flow and heat transfer under laminar flow conditions is reported. The three test sections in this study included a plain tube, anExpand
Transient free convection with mass transfer on an isothermal vertical flat plate
Abstract Transient, laminar free convection along a vertical, isothermal flat plate arising from buoyancy forces created by both temperature and concentration gradients is investigated. All fluidExpand
The history and status of research in fouling of heat exchangers in cooling water service
A review of research in fouling by cooling water is presented. The literature survey covers the period from 1924 to the present. Both theoretical and experimental papers are reviewed, and the moreExpand
Progress in Gas-Side Fouling of Heat-Transfer Surfaces
The purpose of this paper is to present a review of recent developments in gas-side fouling, which may be defined as the deposition of an insulating layer of material onto a heat-transfer surface inExpand
A survey of gas-side fouling in industrial heat-transfer equipment
Gas-side fouling and corrosion problems occur in all of the energy intensive industries including the chemical, petroleum, primary metals, pulp and paper, glass, cement, foodstuffs, and textileExpand