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The planting of Anglo-Irish in Newfoundland
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The West Country and Newfoundland: Some SED Evidence
The rich record of phonetic data in the Survey oj ~n,glisll Dialects of Harold Orton and his associates (1962-1971; SED) contains, scattered throughout its responses and illustrative material inExpand
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Dictionary of Newfoundland English
The Dictionary of Newfoundland English, first published in 1982 to regional, national and international acclaim, is a historical dictionary that gives the pronunciations and definitions for wordsExpand
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Linguistic Approaches to Names
Onomastic studies attract specialists in a large number of disciplines, though in the first two indexes of Names (15.4 and 30.4), headings for linguistic are seldom represented, nor are dialect,Expand
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Place Names of Atlantic Canada. William B. Hamilton.
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Christie, Frances, ed. 2000. Pedagogy and the Shaping of Consciousness. London: Continuum. ISBN: 0-8264-4747-3. 296. Dean, Kitty Chen. 2001. English Grammar in Context. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN:Expand
George M. Story (1927 - 1994)
A first glossary af Hiberno-English
This book is designed for newcomers to the English spoken and written in Ireland. Features: Over 500 headwords, including words of Irish (Gaelic) origin and English words no longer current inExpand
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