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Worldwide large-scale fluctuations of sardine and anchovy populations
Decade-scale regimes of sardine Sardinops sagax and anchovy Engraulis spp. have been observed in the productive coastal waters of the North-Western, North-Eastern and South-Eastern Pacific and theExpand
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Effect of the Leeuwin Current on the Recruitment of Fish and Invertebrates along the Western Australian Coast
The relatively high catch of invertebrate species compared with finfish off Western Australia is in sharp contrast to other regions of the world, where finfish production usually dominates. This lowExpand
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Interactions among subtidal australian sea urchins, gastropods, and algae: effects of experimental removals
The subtidal region at Cape Banks, New South Wales, Australia, is char- acterized by large areas covered solely by encrusting coralline algae in association with large densities of invertebrateExpand
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Environmental and biological aspects of the mass mortality of pilchards (Autumn 1995) in Western Australia
The first pilchard deaths were reported in South Australia during March 1995 in the eastern region of the Great Australian Bight. Subsequently, dead pilchards were found both east and west of thisExpand
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Growth of the coconut crab Birgus latro in Vanuatu
Abstract Aspects of the growth of the coconut crab were investigated in the northern islands of Vanuatu where they form a major cash crop. Moult behaviour and growth increment were studied inExpand
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Use of the Daily Egg Production Method to Estimate the Stock Size of Western Australian Sardines (Sardinops sagax).
The daily egg production method was used to estimate the spawning biomass of the sardine Sardinops sagax in the Albany region of Western Australia. Plankton surveys covering 10000 - 14000 km² wereExpand
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Growth rate of larval Sardinops sagax from ecosystems with different levels of productivity
Abstract. Otolith increment data were used to age larval Sardinops sagax from shelf waters between 118°E and 137°E off southern Australia. Maximum and mean growth rates up to an age of 30 days,Expand
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Validity of Using Translucent Zones of Otoliths to Age the Pilchard Sardinops sagax neopilchardus from Albany, Western Australia
Otoliths (sagittae) of the pilchard (Sardinops sagax neopilchardus) from the Albany region of Western Australia were examined on a monthly basis during 1989 to 1991. When read consecutively, with theExpand
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