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Democracy and the Peaceful Settlement of International Conflict.
The research reported here develops an explanation for the often-noted absence of international war between democratic states. This explanation is derived from a theoretical rationale centered onExpand
Third-party techniques for preventing conflict escalation and promoting peaceful settlement
Although agents employ a wide range of conflict management techniques in practice, scholars have evaluated only a few of these. A more complete empirical analysis of the spectrum of third-partyExpand
Dependency, Disarticulation, and Denominator Effects: Another Look at Foreign Capital Penetration
Less developed countries desparately need capital to develop, but countries dependent on foreign capital face slower economic growth, higher income inequality, and possibly impaired domestic capitalExpand
Democracy and the Management of International Conflict
The research reported here extends investigation of the democracy-war hypothesis by focusing on the norms of dispute resolution integral to the democratic process. If we extend these norms to theExpand
Politics, the State, and Basic Human Needs: A Cross-National Study*
This study examines ways that political processes influence the provision of basic human needs once the effects of aggregate national wealth are removed. Three general explanatory approaches areExpand
Dependency and Rebellion: A Cross-National Analysis
Cross-national research has focused on the domestic causes of rebellion. We investigate whether international dependency incites rebellious political violence directly by mobilizing anti-imperialistExpand
On the Mysterious Demise of Consensual Norms in the United States Supreme Court
The early 1940s marked a period in which the consensus norms of the Supreme Court experienced a radical and apparently permanent change. The consistent pattern of relatively high cohesionExpand
Marx's theory of rebellion: a cross-national analysis of class exploitation, economic development, and violent revolt
Bien que tres critiquee, la theorie de Marx sur la revolte n'a pas ete evaluee directement dans des recherches internationales. L'echec des revolutions proletariennes dans les pays developpes aExpand
Political Similarity and American Foreign Trade Patterns
International economic flows have become an increasingly prominent component of both international relations and domestic politics over the last two decades. Even though politically motivatedExpand
Inequality and Political Violence Revisited
In their 1987 article in this Review, Muller and Seligson used logged ordinary least-squares (LOLS) to estimate the effect of income inequality on cross-national levels of deaths by politicalExpand