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Acoustic Communication in the Belted Kingfisher: an Example of Temporal Coding
Associations between call structure and function were examined in vocalizations of Ceryle alcyon. Four structural groups were recognized and message content within each group was inferred from theExpand
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Acoustic recognition in the Belted fingfisher: cardiac response to playback vocalizations
The cardiac response (change in heartbeat) of adult, free-living birds was monitored to evaluate whether or not acoustic recognition occurs between mated kingfishers. Consistent differences inExpand
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Cricket wing movements during stridulation.
  • W. J. Davis
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Animal behaviour
  • 1 February 1968
Abstract High-speed motion picture analysis of the stridulatory behaviour of crickets suggests that the opening stroke of the wings during stridulation is homologous with the downstroke of the wingsExpand
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