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Efficacy of the GnRH analogue deslorelin for suppression of oestrous cycles in cats.
The aim of this study was to develop a method for long-term but reversible inhibition of oestrous cycles in female cats by downregulation of GnRH receptors with deslorelin released from a long-actingExpand
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The effect of GnRH analogs on urinary incontinence after ablation of the ovaries in dogs.
After removal of the ovaries approximately 20% of dogs develop urinary incontinence. Removal of the gonads results in estrogen deficiency and chronic elevation in the production and secretion of FSHExpand
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Manipulation of reproductive functions in male and female camels
Abstract Old World camels (Camelus dromedarius or dromedary and Camel bacterianus or Bacterian camel) have been used for millenia in geographic areas and climates for which they are uniquely adapted.Expand
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Induction of contraception in some African wild carnivores by downregulation of LH and FSH secretion using the GnRH analogue deslorelin.
The GnRH analogue deslorelin, in long-acting biocompatible implants, was used as a contraceptive in 31 cheetahs (13 females and 18 males), 21 African wild dogs (15 females and 6 males), 10 lionessesExpand
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Control of ovulation with a GnRH analog in gilts and sows.
Methods for the control of ovulation with GnRH or the GnRH analog D-Phe6 -LHRH (GnRH-A), were evaluated in gilts and sows as the last step in development of a fixed-time Al protocol. This involved 3Expand
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Control of reproduction and sex related behaviour in exotic wild carnivores with the GnRH analogue deslorelin: preliminary observations.
The GnRH analogue deslorelin, in long-acting implants, was used in an attempt to temporarily control reproduction or aggression in wild carnivores in southern Africa and the USA. In the southernExpand
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Effects on pseudopregnancy, pregnancy and interoestrous intervals of pharmacological suppression of prolactin secretion in female dogs and cats.
Cabergoline, a new ergoline derivative, is a potent prolactin inhibitor. In this review, results are combined from previously published and unpublished blind laboratory and open clinical studies withExpand
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Techniques developed for the control of estrus, ovulation and parturition in the East German pig industry: a review.
Centralized administration of the nationalized pig industry in the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany), promoted wide-scale use of assisted reproduction of pigs. The objective was toExpand
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Effect of a long acting GnRH analogue or placebo on plasma LH/FSH, urethral pressure profiles and clinical signs of urinary incontinence due to Sphincter mechanism incompetence in bitches.
In 23 bitches with urinary incontinence due to spaying, the effect of treatment with a long-acting formulation of leuprolide acetate on frequency of incontinence, plasma gonadotropin levels andExpand
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