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General Relativity; an Einstein Centenary Survey
List of contributors Preface 1. An introductory survey S. W. Hawking and W. Israel 2. The confrontation between gravitation theory and experiment C. M. Will 3. Gravitational-radiation experiments D.
Transient relativistic thermodynamics and kinetic theory
Abstract The paper develops, from both the phenomenological and kinetic points of view, a generalized formulation of irreversible thermodynamics applicable to the description of thermal phenomena in
Singular hypersurfaces and thin shells in general relativity
SummaryAn approach to shock waves, boundary surfaces and thin shells in general relativity is developed in which their histories are characterized in a purely geometrical way by the extrinsic
in 300 Years of Gravitation
The invention relates to a novel filtering circuit whereby a phase detected output control signal is filtered and utilized to provide greater stability in a phase-locked loop. The filtering circuit
Event Horizons in Static Vacuum Space-Times
The following theorem is established. Among all static, asymptotically flat vacuum space-times with closed simply connected equipotential surfaces ${g}_{00}=\mathrm{constant}$, the Schwarzschild
Nonstationary irreversible thermodynamics: A Causal relativistic theory
Abstract Conventional theories of irreversible thermodynamics predict instantaneous propagation of thermal and viscous effects. This defect can be traced to the omission of terms quadratic in the
On transient relativistic thermodynamics and kinetic theory. Il
This paper, the sequel to Stewart (1977), discusses the relation between transient relativistic thermodynamics and kinetic theory in the formulation of Israel (1972, 1976) which differs
Covariant fluid mechanics and thermodynamics: An introduction
These lectures are intended as a pedagogical introduction to the covariant formulation of nonequilibrium and statistical thermodynamics and kinetic theory. The various formulations of nonequilibrium