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Marine gastrotrichs from the sand beaches of the northern Gulf of Mexico: species list and distribution
In this meio-faunistic survey along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, gastrotrichs were found in sand collected mostly from beaches on barrier islands. Sediment from Florida and AlabamaExpand
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Marine Gastrotricha of the Caribbean Sea: a review and new descriptions
The tropical northwest Atlantic (TNWA) is one of the world's most understudied areas with respect to meiofauna, microscopic metazoa of the benthos. It includes five ecoregions: the Gulf of Mexico,Expand
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Marine Gastrotricha of the Near East: 1. Fourteen new species of Macrodasyida and a redescription of Dactylopodola agadasys Hochberg, 2003
Abstract The near eastern geographical region is almost devoid of reports of macrodasyidan gastrotrichs, the exceptions themselves being part of this study. Here, as Part 1 are described fourteen newExpand
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Gastrotricha: A Marine Sister for a Freshwater Puzzle
Background Within an evolutionary framework of Gastrotricha Marinellina flagellata and Redudasys fornerise bear special interest, as they are the only Macrodasyida that inhabit freshwater ecosystems.Expand
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Meiofauna-sediment interactions around subtropical seagrass sediments using factor analysis
Inventaire faunistique des sediments d'un herbier a Thalassia et d'une zone voisine nue dans les Florida Keys. Repartition verticale des elements de cette faune et relations entre densite deExpand
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An overview and a dichotomous key to genera of the phylum Gastrotricha
Gastrotricha are microscopic (0.06-3.0 mm in body length) free-living, acoelomate, aquatic worms, characterised by a meiobenthic life style. In marine habitats they are mainly interstitial, whereasExpand
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Analytic taxonomy and notes on marine, brackish-water and estuarine Gastrotricha
Marine Gastrotricha, both Macrodasyida and Chaetonotida, are the subject of an analytic review, citing taxonomic status of names, authorships of taxa, and those responsible for changes, in accordanceExpand
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Italian marine Gastrotricha: II. One new genus and ten new species of Macrodasyida
Abstract A new genus, Dendropodola, and species, D. transitionalis, are described in the family Dactylopodolidae. Three new species, Cephalodasys hadrosomus, Mesodasys adenotubulatus, and MesodasysExpand
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