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Smart Regulation and Enforcement of Illegal Disposal of Electronic Waste
This policy essay discusses the potential of smart regulation on the basis of supply-chain regulation by the European Union (EU), and in particular the regulatory enforcement policy of e-waste in theExpand
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Criminal Trajectories of White-collar Offenders
Objectives: This article analyzes the criminal development and sociodemographic and criminal profile of a sample of prosecuted white-collar offenders. It identifies trajectory groups and describesExpand
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Food fraud vulnerability and its key factors
Abstract Background Food fraud prevention and fraud vulnerability reduction are the first steps to combat food fraud and require a recurrent effort throughout the food supply chain. Due to theExpand
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The Lost Art of Regulated Tolerance? Fifteen Years of Regulating Vices in Amsterdam
Fifteen years ago, Brants explored the idiosyncrasies of Dutch policy with regard to prostitution, focusing on the situation in the Dutch capital. Amsterdam was on the brink of the enactment of newExpand
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The challenges of fighting sex trafficking in the legalized prostitution market of the Netherlands
In 2000, the Dutch authorities lifted the ban on brothels in the Netherlands. The essence of their approach was to regulate prostitution. People of legal age could now voluntarily sell and purchaseExpand
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The criminology of corruption
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Administrative Measures in Crime Control
We want to discuss several new administrative measures that were introduced into the Anglo-Saxon world and that have been copied in part in the Netherlands. One is aimed at tackling nuisance in theExpand
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Differences in fraud vulnerability in various food supply chains and their tiers
Food fraud results from the interaction of motivated offenders with opportunities, and lack of control measures. The vulnerability to food fraud varies across chain actors (tiers) though, butExpand
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